A Knockout: How Boxing is the Ultimate Workout

Boxing is one of the most effective ways to stay in shape, build strength and lose weight, not to mention it’s pretty fun too.

The face-paced exercise is fantastic for all areas of your body and is a workout which you can either do on your own at home or in a class at either a normal gym or a dedicated boxing gym.

Boxing has been around for years and is most commonly practiced in a competitive setting but don’t let this put you off. Everyone and anyone can box and once you realise this, you’ll be signing up for your nearest boxing class.

There are a whole range of benefits which are associated with boxing; obviously, everyone is different and the more you practice this workout, the better results you’ll see.

Improved Total Body Strength

From punching to kicking and jumping, boxing is a workout which targets your entire body.

Professional boxers are some of the leanest, most well-trained athletes in the world with a body strength many only dream of. That’s because their sport works their upper body, lower body, and core.

Improved Hand-eye Coordination

As well as improving your core strength, boxing is furthermore fantastic at improving your hand-eye coordination. Although this isn’t a connection you’d usually make with sports, hand-eye coordination is vitally important as it plays an important role in a person’s gross and fine motor skills.

With boxing your reflexes improve, your reaction times get faster and your overall physical coordination as a whole will improve. Furthermore, as we get older, hand-eye coordination is important to improving our balance and reduce our risk of falls.

Decreased Stress

All physical exercise helps to reduce stress. Exercise naturally increases endorphins, boosts mood, works as a form of meditation, and improves sleep which all help to decrease stress levels.

Hitting a bag is a great cathartic release which means that boxing is a fantastic outlet to let out your frustrations. Another way boxing helps to decrease your stress levels is through high-intensity bouts of exercise and moderate intensity recovery periods. When you go through this process, your mind has less time to think about work, home life or any other stressful situations which you may be going through.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death in both the UK and worldwide. It’s a well-known fact that regular exercise can help to reduce this risk and improve the health and strength of your heart.
Boxing and the cardio which comes with it helps to moderate the stress which is placed on your heart and lungs so that they’re challenged enough to make adaptations to support the higher level of physical activity.

Increased Weight Loss

Boxing is fantastic as it increases your muscle mass and decreases your fat mass, it does this through high cardio and high-intensity kicking and punching.

The combination of decreasing your fat mass and increasing your muscle mass is a sure way to improve your ability to lose weight but please be aware that boxing should be enjoying alongside other exercise and a healthy, balanced diet if you wish to see these kind of results.

If you have any questions about boxing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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