Overcoming Gym Phobia

Making the decision to get fit, improve your health and generally live a better lifestyle is an important milestone and one which you should pursue and never give up on.

After you’ve made this decision you’ll need to think about how you’re going to implement this new lifestyle change and many will discover that in order to get fit, you’ll need to join a gym.

For many, joining a gym is the most daunting experience and can put many people off getting fit. Despite it being a place where judgement is left at the door and everyone gets on with their own workout, it can be a scary place where you feel everyone is watching you, judging you and your find yourself comparing yourself to others. In this situation you can be your own worst enemy and make the situation 10x worse for yourself. Everyone at the gym is there to improve themselves and you need to think the same way in order to overcome your fears.

If you’re putting off joining the gym because you’re scared or if you don’t workout how you really like to, please read this guide to overcoming your gym phobia and make the most of your time in the gym.

Set Out Your Goals Before You Enter the Gym;

If you go to the gym with no goals, you’re more likely to do less. Before you arrive, set yourself personal goals of either how many calories you want to burn, how long you want to spend there or specific machines you want to use.

Wear Something You Feel Comfortable In;

Being comfortable whilst you’re working out is paramount. If you’re already nervous about being judged on the way you’re using equipment or the weights you’re using then being uncomfortable in what you’re wearing will only add to your worries.
This may be a baggy t-shirt, short and a hoody and that is absolutely fine, just make sure what you wear doesn’t negatively impact your workout. Finding gym wear that doesn’t hinder your workout can be tricky, so do some research into what is commonly worn to do the type of training that you’re interested in. Notably for ladies, you’ll want to select a sports bra that is suitable for the intensity of the workout that you’re likely to be engaging in. For very active sports you might need to invest in a sports bra that can keep up with you and you movements. It can be quite daunting selecting these yourself to take a look at the Get Bra Advice blogs for inspiration on how to find the perfect gym wear for your specific needs. Also, If you want to wear a hoody to cover up, be aware you may get very hot and sweat more, so if you don’t want to take it off you need to ensure you’re drinking lots of fluids to replace what you’re loosing.

Ask For Help;

When you join a gym, you’re usually offered a free induction. Take advance of this and really learn how to use the machines and the different areas they target.
This PT will answer any questions you may have and can help to make you feel at ease, this is also helpful as if you’re ever in the gym and have a question, then you can find this person again and feel comfortable opposed to approaching a stranger.

Don’t be Shy;

Everyone feels conscious that others are watching them then they’re working out. If you’re simply watching someone, observing their technique in order to learn and improve your own abilities then fine, but don’t stare and don’t make it obvious. Put yourselves in their position and even though they make look confident, they probably feel conscious that someone is watching.
If they’re doing a workout you admire, ask them how they do it, what it does and if you can try it with their help. They will most probably be very flattered and really want to impart their techniques on you, so don’t be shy, be friendly and who knows you may even make some gym buddies.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sweat;

It’s a gym, everyone sweats!
Granted, some people naturally sweat more than others but please don’t be conscious about it. Sweating is a sign that you’ve worked hard and your body is improving in the process, so really it’s something to be proud of!


Get a Gym Buddy;

Having someone to go to the gym with, share goals and encourage can be amazing for your progression. Speak to your friends and family and see if anyone else is wanting to get fit, loose some weight or just support you!
This can also help as it takes away from your fear of being alone in such a scary and daunting place. Having someone with you will distract you immediately as you can talk to someone, try new machines and encourage each other!

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