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Food is fuel. It is essential to never underestimate the power food can have on a person’s body, especially when it comes to exercise. Some people believe the misconception that you burn more fat when you forgo food before exercise, which is a total myth.

Food is vital for a healthy workout. In fact, it can actually aid your performance and appearance – and I’m here to show you how.


Sugar is a fantastic way of boosting a person’s energy before and during a workout, therefore boosting your endurance. Think about it. Would you drive your car without petrol? No. So why would you exercise without eating? Eat and provide your body with the energy it needs to maximise a performance.

Diet Nutrition


If you are wanting to build muscle, you should eat plenty of protein, which can provide you with the definition you desire and can also help repair your muscle. Carbohydrates are also an effective way to put on the pounds, but should be aided with a strict exercise regime to convert the fat into muscle.

Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, food can be one of the most effective ways to aid your workout. For example, you should attempt to reduce your fat and sugar intake as much as possible, opting for lean meats and plenty of fruit and vegetables. You should also reduce your alcohol consumption.


It is vital you hydrate your body before, after and during a workout to avoid dehydrated, boost your energy and maximise your performance. The amount you drink will be dependent on the amount you sweat, as well as the intensity of your training, the temperature and the length of your workout. My recommendation is to consume water or an electrolyte sports drink.

Always leave one to four hours after you have eaten before you embark on exercise, which will allow your body to digest the food before you start a workout.