How to build muscle..and keep it!

We all want to achieve the perfect body, whether that is by toning up or bulking up. If you dream of building muscle and strength, but are finding it a little difficult, the following tips might be just the thing you need to achieve your desired frame.

Plenty of Protein

If you want to build muscle, you need to bulk up and he best way to do just that is through protein. Your diet has to match your performance in the gym, and if it’s not then you might struggle to achieve your desired body. What you need is 1.3g of protein per 1lb of your target body weight. One of the best protein sources has to be protein shakes, which also helps to repair your muscles and speed up your metabolism.

Carbs in Moderation

Carbs are a great way to fuel a workout, but can also result in fat storage, so they are best to be consumed in moderation. One of the best carbs to consume have to be whole grains, which are ideally eaten in the morning to provide your body with fuel throughout the day.

Patience is a Virtue

You might one to build muscle quickly, but bulking up quickly can sometimes be unsustainable. The best muscle to build is the kind you can develop over time, which will not only offer more sustainable gains but will put less pressure on your heart.


There’s nothing wrong with shouting whilst working out. Well, unless you’re in a gym filled with people. Hugh Jackman once stated that he often screams whilst training, despite the funny looks in the gym. In fact, Drexel University also identified that yellers often found 10{b4ecdd196ee6a123298e44064356ec757f38fa26b5995aae00c3720692798677} extra force throughout resistance screaming. So, if you want to go for that extra 10{b4ecdd196ee6a123298e44064356ec757f38fa26b5995aae00c3720692798677}, don’t be afraid to shout out.

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