Why Men Should Take up Yoga

Yoga has seen a huge spike in popularity since the turning of the century and most people either choose to embrace it or respect it. For some reason, the majority of the latter category comprise men and, although we are slowly learning about its benefits, there is need for more clarity here, so here’s a couple of reasons why men should definitely consider taking up yoga.

1.      It boosts the immune system

While flues and viruses are generally insignificant threats to human life, a weak immune system will make you take a serious pounding from even a common cold, leaving you bedridden for days or weeks. According to research, yoga can boost your immunity at the cellular level, causing rapid gene expression changes, which further improves the body’s defense mechanisms.

2.      It improves sex life

Men are often skeptical with regards to this, mostly because they can’t really associate some form of meditative activity with things such as sex drive. Well, not only does yoga influence sex life in men, but it improves all sexual functions, including desire, performance, erection and ejaculation control!
Essentially, in addition to the mentioned fact that yoga increases body awareness, it also helps reduce anxiety and increases overall blood flow, which includes the blood flow to the genital area.
Finally, yoga helps rid your body of toxins that impact sexual performance.

3.      It enhances productivity

In addition to an improved sex life, yoga can hugely benefit your professional life, as well. According to research, a 20-minute-long yoga session enhances memory and inhibitory control, thus boosting the ability to maintain focus, store information and make good work-related decisions; all this while saving energy.

4.      It builds stability

There is a hugely important fact to understand here: yoga should be taken up almost exclusively as an addition to regular exercise – a non-limber body, male or female, risks permanent damage without proper muscles to support yoga’s flexibility requirements. However, if complemented with light, yet regular exercise, this popular activity can do wonders for your stability. Increased joint and muscle control are just some of all the cool physical benefits of yoga. Make sure that you buy flexible and quality gym shorts for men, however – you can’t improve your stability, if you can’t stretch properly.

5.      It prevents injuries

Here’s one more reason to add yoga to your regular physical activity: yoga prevents injuries, aches and pains in many different ways. Seeing as how it improves general flexibility and range of motion, the muscles are lengthened and, thus, the possibility of tightness and strains is reduced drastically. In addition to increased joint control, yoga strengthens connective muscle tissue and in this way improves joint durability. This useful activity can also give you better body awareness, meaning that you’ll be able to recognize subtle issues (for example, poor posture) and correct them promptly.

6.      It benefits other sports

Yoga is fantastic for all-round movement, which is why many professional athletes choose to engage in this activity. Essentially, the all-round movement helps strengthen important muscles, even those that aren’t used in a given sport. Why? Well, this improves overall performance and, as mentioned, reduces the risk of injury. The more your body is in tune with its each part – be it the bicep with the triceps, or your legs with the hips, the better you’ll be at performing sports naturally. A body that can deal with all-round movement can certainly excel at many sports.

These six reasons should be more than enough to flip you over to the category of men who embrace yoga, rather than merely respect it. In addition to its physical and health benefits, yoga provides you with mind clarity, rendering you more capable to make better decisions, while allowing you to feel better and more spiritual.

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