The best boot camp exercises and the areas that they target

Boot camps are intense and physically challenging but they bring together people of all ages and all abilities.  The benefits of boot camps are endless, they are a great way to socialise while exercising, getting fit and losing weight.  Here are some of our favourite exercises.

  1. HIIT workout

Drill Length: 20-30 minutes

Equipment Needed: Kettlebells, timer and cones

Areas Targeted: Arm, leg and core muscles

This workout is great to encompass all abilities as everyone can work at their own rate.  To begin the workout, the group must spread out over the five different stations.  The stations can be adapted according to the group, but as an example, you could include: kettlebell swings, push ups, squats, sit ups and burpees.  Burpees are no one’s favourite, but they really do help you get fit and lose weight!

You should time one minute per station with a twenty-second rest in between each.  Two or three times during the workout add in a high intensity round.  Whatever station you are at you must step up the intensity for two minutes, working for 20 seconds and resting for 10. 

This workout targets a range of different areas because it involves a number of exercises.  This workout strengthens arm, leg and core muscles as well as building muscle endurance.

  1. Group crunch

Drill Length: 45 minutes

Equipment Needed: Cones and timer

Areas Targeted: Arm and leg muscles

To begin this workout split the group into teams of three and each group places two cones 50 metres apart.  Two members of the group will stand at either cone and will undertake a static exercise.  Meanwhile, the third member does a dynamic workout, working their way from one cone to the other.  When they reach the other end, they swap with that team member and commence a static workout.  Each time the dynamic team member reaches the end, the whole team commence a new round of exercises.  This workout tests muscle endurance, builds muscle stamina and lasts for 45 minutes.

The exercises could include:

  • End 1: Jumping squat End 2: Press ups               Dynamic: Walking lunges
  • End 1: Press ups End 2: Burpees                 Dynamic: Bear crawl
  • End 1: Sit-ups End 2: Star jumps             Dynamic: Burpee jumps
  • End 1: Plank End 2: Squat hold             Dynamic: Sprint
  • End 1: Star jumps End 2: Sit-ups                    Dynamic: Lunges
  1. Killer endurance test

Drill Length: 30 minutes

Equipment Needed: Cones and timer

Areas Targeted: Endurance and muscle strength

Each person should place 4 cones in a straight line around 20 ft apart.  When the workout beings, everyone runs to the fourth cone, back to the first, then to the third cone and so on.  When you reach each cone, you have to complete challenges.  This could be round of ten press ups, sit ups, lunges, squats and can be adapted according to ability.    Instead of resting, you are changing the type of exercise and therefore testing your endurance as well as building muscle strength.

We hope this has inspired you to try out a boot camp near you. Choosing the right boot camp is essential as you need to find one that meets your specific needs and works for you.

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