Top Tips For Exercising With Kids

A big worry for new mothers is that they struggle to find any time in their incredibly busy schedules to keep fit. Worst of all, some mothers fall victim to mum-guilt and believe that any time spent working out is time spent away from their little ones. However, mothers really ought to consider how much fitness will benefit their family in the long run. Not only will regular exercise promote an increase in energy to run around after your little bundles of joy, fitness will increase lifespan – meaning you’ll have more time to watch them grow.

However, that doesn’t make it any easier to find the time in each manic day to get moving, I know. Here are some top tips on how to incorporate a healthy active lifestyle into motherhood.

An amazing way to get fit and active is to include the kids into your workouts! While your children might not be interested in running a 10k marathon, there’s no reason why they won’t enjoy a good old-fashioned game of tag or a lively game of hide and seek. Remember, children need at least one hour of exercise per day in order to support their growing bones. A visit to the park is usually a hit, even better if you have a dog for them to chase after. If your kids are at the age where games with mum have become uncool, you might want to consider taking them to sites where you can sneak exercise into their routines. Great examples include bowling, swimming, laser tag or paintballing (if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!).

Of course, on a parent budget it’s not always possible to fork out for these experience on a regular basis, let alone every single day! Remember that whenever kids are away from the computer screens and are active with their friends whether it be playing on bikes or tormenting their siblings, they’re still doing some form of exercise!

When it comes to you trying to complete higher intensity workouts that won’t interest the kids, try setting up an activity for them to do in the meantime. Just because your kids won’t fancy a Victoria’s Secret Ab Blaster doesn’t mean you don’t! Especially during the first few weeks of motherhood, consider your body’s needs during these tougher workouts, though. While breastfeeding you’ll require extra support to do higher intensity exercise, consider purchasing a Boobuddy from  (a band designed to reduce movement of breasts during exercise) to reduce any unwanted sagging of breasts. Plan out an activity that will keep them occupied for an hour. Think low budget, low mess, high creativity. Arts and crafts tasks fascinate children and encourage healthy development of the brain. However, you might want to choose an activity that doesn’t involve leaving your kids unattended with glitter, believe me, I’ve been there! Play-Doh is a great minimal mess craft activity, but don’t underestimate their ability to make a mess somehow! Leaving the kids to their own devices while you get some crunches in will help promote their independence as well as giving you some precious me time.

If you’re an avid gym goer, don’t give it up! Pair up with another mummy and hire a babysitter to watch the pair of them, it’ll half the childcare costs and motivate you to stick to the plan. Knowing another mum is relying on you to get their workout will stop you bailing on yours!

Above all, remember that though your kids have changed so many aspects of your life, you needn’t let them affect your fitness levels. Don’t neglect your body’s needs out of fear of neglecting your children.

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