4 Tips For Staying Within A Healthy Weight Range During Pregnancy

The average woman can expect to gain at least 35 pounds during pregnancy, which is the recommended amount.  There are plenty of women, however, who surpass this amount.  They may find themselves perplexed wondering how they could have possibly stayed within that range under the circumstances.

It can be very difficult to curb your hunger when you’re creating a baby inside of you.  While the average extra amount of calories recommended for a woman during pregnancy is no more than 300 from their normal diet, it can be challenging staying within that amount.

Some women are so hungry during pregnancy, that they find themselves consuming as many as one to two thousand calories extra per day.  The problem is that this makes it more difficult to get back to your pre-baby weight following giving birth.

It can be a lot easier to avoid gaining the extra weight in the first place rather than suffering on a treadmill trying to lose it again.  

Therefore, in order to stay within the recommended amount of gaining no more than 35 pounds during pregnancy, try following these tips.

Walk Every Day

Walking every day is something that will not only keep your body active but your mind too.  It can be challenging to make yourself get up, put on some pants, and get moving during pregnancy.  Particularly during the last 3 months.

However, if you make the effort to go for a brisk walk for just 30 minutes a day, you’ll find that this will keep your body feeling strong and you will keep off any extra calories that you’re consuming.

Limit Sugar Intake

Sugar is the sneaky enemy when it comes to extra calories consumed.  Some people aren’t aware of just how much sugar is consumed in things that we don’t even suspect.

In order to keep your weight down, you should always check nutrition labels and try to identify how much sugar is in something.  This way you can avoid consuming extra empty calories which only contribute to extra weight gain.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day won’t just keep your body hydrated and running smoothly, but it will also keep your metabolism functioning properly.

Try to drink at least one glass an hour at a moderate pace.  Chugging water too quickly may make you feel nauseous with your pregnant belly, or keep you going to the bathroom more frequently.

Breast Feed

Once your baby is born you may want to consider breastfeeding.  This is not only in your baby’s best interest for their long-term health, but it will increase your weight loss.  

Each time that you breastfeed you are burning calories and creating nourishment for your baby from your excess fat.

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