Tips to have a body like Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is a jaw-dropping beauty. This actress became famous when she worked alongside Oscar winner, Leonardo DiCaprio, in The Wolf of Wall Street. This young lady doesn’t only have a killer- body but she also has a lot of confidence in herself as she works hard to uphold her shape. Robbie has dished out some of her workout secrets and her diet plans.

To stay in shape, the actress also practices a lot of physical activities. Her favourite cardio workouts are running, cycling and ice hockey. The diva runs and jogs for many hours per day as it imparts many health benefits, improves the state of the heart and frees from stress. Cycling is a way to maintain and strengthen her lower bottom, without putting strain on her joints. As for ice hockey, Robbie states that it keeps her away from harmful diseases and burns calories when done correctly while stressing the major body muscles. Other activities practiced by Margot Robbie are crunches, yoga and stretching. Crunches help her to tone and sculpt her abs, and burn any excessive fat or calories. As for yoga and stretching, it helps her clear her mind and body, and releases all her muscles tension to boost up a good blood circulation.

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Margot Robbie loves her curvy figure; however, she does not compromise it for her love for food. Her favourite food items are burgers and fries accompanied by beers. But when she should shoot, and must look fit, she goes onto an extreme diet which includes carrot sticks. Also, she does enjoy her eating habits, but strictly control the intake. She puts immense pressure on herself to stay the stunner she is. Foods which are banned from her diet are sugary drinks, fast food, chocolate and saturated fats. Her advice to have healthy but light foods are:

  • Breakfast– Blackberries with Porridge, accompanied by apple smoothie
  • Lunch– Brown rich with skinny lemon chicken, and tomato salad
  • Dinner– Tuna steaks with sweet potato or rice noodles with hot pot veggies

The star also put forwards that it is wise to drink water after a meal to dilute the blood, and it is better to settle for unsaturated food items and to cut off items like baked food, dairy products and sausages. Also, her best advice is to get your body used to food items like fruits, nuts and veggies as these will fill the tummy, as well as satisfy your food cravings.

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