How to Refresh Your Exercise Routine

Taking care of your health through exercising and eating right is one of those things we all know we need to do and yet the health and fitness industry remains one of the biggest of them all more through the selling of dreams than actually delivering results. Actually, I’ll throw in the medical industry as well in that more people take a reactive approach to their health and fitness than those who take a proactive approach to it, as demonstrated by how many people visit the doctor when they’re sick and make use of over-the-counter medication in comparison to those who actively take care of their health by going to the gym, running, etc.

So we’ve established that we all know we should be taking much better care of our health and fitness through exercise and yet very few of us actually do so. One of the reasons for this is a lack of motivation and inspiration. These two qualities which can make for great igniters of the will to proactively take better care of your health can wear off very quickly, in which case you will need to find ways to refresh your exercise routine.

It’s a constant battle, but if you pay just a little bit of attention to getting the process right, then you can very quickly and easily learn how to refresh your exercise routine at will, making sure you keep things fresh all the time so that you never fall off the bandwagon. It can otherwise get very difficult to try and get back into a health and fitness routine once you’ve fallen off of it, no matter how good of an excuse you may have had for that happening in the first place.

Work to overcome your barriers and plateaus

One of the main reasons which call for a refreshed exercise regime is that of having hit a plateau or being faced with barriers that appear to be too high to overcome. You might be trying to cut the time you take to run your daily half-a-mile, for example, or you may be trying to add an extra inch to your biceps, in which case the lack of results may be dealing a major blow to your motivation to keep going. The best way to overcome these barriers and plateaus is to switch things up by adding a new dimension to your exercise routine. Perhaps your muscles need a bit more fuel than what they get from your daily diet, for example, in which case some protein powers will probably do the trick.

Work on a new health and fitness goal

Normally adding a new dimension to your exercise routine will work wonders in giving you a new and fresh source of motivation to keep going, but if it still doesn’t (you have to give it time and keep at it though) then you should switch your focus to a different fitness goal you may have. Take a break from pumping iron for muscle-mass gain, for example and then perhaps focus on building up endurance through something like long-distance running, even if only temporarily.

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